Fee and Subscription


A Permanent Member shall on election pay an Entrance Fee as under:

i). A Member who is ordinarily resident of Darjeeling or of the Darjeeling District:  2,00,000/-+ admissible taxes.
ii) A Member who is ordinarily not resident of Darjeeling or of the Darjeeling District:  5,00,000/- + admissible taxes.
iii) Immediate dependent members own Son’s & Daughter’s:  75,000/- (For District/ Station Members).+ admissible taxes.
iv) Immediate dependent member like members own Son/s & Daughter/s: 3,00,000/- (For Out of District Members). + admissible taxes.
v) In case of families a further 15,000/-+ admissible taxes for each additional Member shall be payable in both the above cases.
vi) Security Deposit of 20,000/- shall be deposited along with the Entrance fee.


  For all Resident Members (those resident within local cantonment or Municipal Limits and all district members For all non-resident members (those living outside the local cantonment or municipal limits) For all resident permanent members (those resident within local cantonment or municipal limits) For all members resident in the civil district or Darjeeling Hills i.e. District members
  Annual Subscription   Monthly Subscription  
2(a) 2(b) 3 4
a. Single Member Nil 5,000/- 750/- 300/-

b. First Additional

Member of family

Nil 1,000/- 100/- 100/-
c. For each subsequent Member of family & children Nil 1,000/- 100/- 100/-
d. For Senior Permanent  Member 300/- 100/- Nil Nil
e. For Special Member Nil Nil 1,000/- Nil

The bill(s) will be levied upon with admissible taxes (18% GST)

Documents to be submitted along with the application form:
1. Two nos. of recent passport size photographs (for self and spouse)
2. Self-attested photocopy of Date of Birth Certificate.
3. Self-attested photocopy of EPIC (Voter’s ID)/ Residential Certificate/ PAN Card/driving Licence if any.
4. Demand Draft / A/c Payee Cheque to the amount of Rs. 2,50,000 / Rs. 3,50,000  in favour of Darjeeling Gymkhana Club Ltd., Darjeeling.