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The extract of the Extra Ordinary General Meeting minutes held on 23/05/2016 agenda no. 2 was duly passed as under along with Article of 24 of Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Club.

Minutes No. 2 “ Resolved that the credit facilities to all the members will be stopped w.e.f. 1st July 2016 instead of credit facilities the members will have to pay in cash or debit card for the amenities they intended to availed of. The house also decided to dispatch notice to this effect to all the members for clearance of their outstanding dues on or before 30th June 2016 inscripting the application of Article 24 of Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Club failing which name of defaulting members shall be struck off without any further correspondences resulting to cease of Membership of the Club automatically………….. ”
Article 24 “ All member shall pay their bills monthly except as herein otherwise provided. If a Bill be not paid within one month of its dispatch in the case of a permanent member and 14 days in the case of a temporary member, the member liable shall be reminded of the debt by registered letter directed to his or her last recorded address. After a maximum period of two months from the date on which payment of bill fell due to such member shall, if the bill remains unpaid, be liable to have his or her name posted on a Notice Board, at the Club, and from the date of being so posted shall cease to be a member of the Club.
The addressees acknowledgement receipt or in the absence of such receipt the return of the letter itself shall be treated as sufficient reminder for the purposes of this Articles.
Notwithstanding such member having ceased to be a member of the Club his or her name shall be retained upon the list of Defaulters until he or she shall pay the sum due to the Club until such time as the Committee see fit to remove his or her name. Such excluded member may re-join the Club at the discretion of the Committee on payment in full of his outstanding dues and only be re-election under Article 5 including payment of full entrance fee.
A member shall not be entitled to the benefit of a lower rate of subscription or be considered as an absentee member unless he shall have paid all dues to the Club within two calendar months of the presentation of the bill.
By the end of the year the Committee will examine the list of members who have failed to pay their Annual Subscription and may at their absolute discretion remove from the list of members the names of such members. These members need not necessarily be posted as Defaulters if there are no outstanding in addition to the Annual Subscription.
Minimum Billing of Rs.1000/- for every two months cycle will be applicable to all permanent Members in station (other than Senior Members) to activate members who are away from the Club activities since long period to visit the Club regularly and avail the amenities of the Club. Club facilities such as Catering, Wine and Sports only will be covered under this billing and this will also include monthly subscription viz., Membership, Reading Room and Health Club. Unutilized balance amount of any from every two months bills will be adjusted as revenue of the Club for that bimonth. Any other services/ facilities such as hall booking, parking etc. availed by the members will be billed separately and will have to be paid for. (This minimum billing system will also help to generate the funds essential for regular smooth running of the Club). The Senior Members of the Club will be exempted from this minimum billing clause.
The Hon’ble members are requested to kindly comply with the above on or before 30/06/2016.

Dt: 15/06/2016

M.K. Brahmin
Asst. Secretary