Rules and Regulations

Keeping in mind the high esteemed value of the club, we have set the ‘Code of Conduct’ for members so that these customs and traditions of Darjeeling Gymkhana Club Ltd are maintained and preserved in the best spirit.

Every honorable member of the Club is expected at all times to ensure that the decorum, tradition, etiquette and fellowship of the Club are properly maintained.

No member of the club is expected to behave in any manner which is against the interest of the Club, while using the Club facilities.

‘Take Pride’ in your club. Constructive suggestions are always welcome from each and every member.

We request the members and the guests to collect vehicle pass at the main gate and return it on exit.

Please sign attendance register at the reception counter indicating number of dependents accompanying you, as soon as you enter the club. Also enter the name of guest(s).

Spouse/Dependent(s) if unaccompanied by the member must sign dependents’ register at the reception counter. Dependents are not allowed to introduce any guest(s).

Members are requested to adopt a helpful attitude towards fellow members, wherever possible both inside and outside the club.

Members/Dependents must carry their identity card with them while using the club and must produce the same on demand.

Please indicate your membership number in all call charge slips/vouchers/correspondence.

Servants/Personal guards/Drivers/Ayahs are not allowed beyond the reception counter.

Alcoholic drinks/beverages/food/refreshments for consumption in the club premises brought from outside is not allowed.

Please put Gymkhana Club vehicle sticker on front wind screen of your vehicle. Stickers are available at Club office.

Please contact the Office Secretary for booking of guest room(s)/multipurpose hall and holding of private parties such as lunches/dinners/high teas.

We request members to inform the club office for any change in your address/telephone number promptly.

Please strictly observe all rules as in force from time to time while using club facilities such as tennis/badminton/squash/fitness centre/card room/ library.

During Club functions, members are requested to furnish/book the dinner on time as per notice/circular of the Club Office to avoid the last minute rush. This will help the Club management to function in smooth way.

Please do not park your vehicle in the club portico.

Please pay your outstanding bills promptly within 30 days of date of bill at the club office. Delayed payment surcharge of Rs.50/- only will be levied on outstanding amount if carried over to next bill. Payment for services availed if made in cash, should be only against presentation of computerised charge slip.

It is the duty and the responsibility of all members to ensure that their guests behaviour and etiquette is of the requisite standard. In case of any breach of conduct or misbehaviour by the guests, the responsibility is that of the member concerned.

National Dress/Bush Shirt/Open Neck Shirt with collar/formal suit along with club ties or scarf is appreciated in the club’s official programmes.

Please refrain from wearing chappals/sandals within the Club premises.

All members are required to maintain proper behaviour and decorum while dealing with staff.

All members are required to be honest in all their dealings with Club, staff and other members like in signing the guest’s details in register, clearing the dues in time, (if there is an error in the bill, payment must be made first then resolved the matter with the club office).

Members are requested to encourage the children to come to the club and enjoy the games facilities at the utmost. Children are allowed from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during their holidays. Entry into the Bars not allowed. Children below 10 years of age are not allowed to enter into the Billiard room and Card Room.