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Open Invitational Cash Prize Badminton Tournament 2019

On behalf of the Governing Body of Darjeeling Gymkhana Club Ltd., Darjeeling take this opportunity to inform all sports loving people comprising of Darjeeling Hills & Sikkim State for participation in an Open Invitational cash prize Badminton Tournament 2019 on and from 22nd March 2019 to 24th March 2019.


Sl. No.


Entry Fees

Last date of submission of entry along with the fees and date of birth certificate

1 Men’s Single Open

Men’s Double Open

Rs. 1,000/-

Rs. 2,000/-

16th March 2019


2 Above 40 + Singles

Above 40 + Doubles

Rs. 1,000/-

Rs. 2,000/-

16th March 2019


3 Above 55 yrs Veteran Singles  

Above 55 yrs Veteran Doubles

Rs. 1,000/-

Rs. 2,000/-

16th March 2019


4 Women’s Single Open Rs. 1,000/- 16th March 2019


Tournament shall be conducted as per BAI Rules; nevertheless, Committee reserves the right of final decisions if any dispute arises. Breakfast and lunch will be provided to the participating members during the tournament but arrangement for accommodation has to be done by the participants themselves, however, efforts will be made by the Club to look for hotels at nominal tariff if required.


Please contact for entries: Mr. M. K. Brahmin – 8967305717 / 9434151107, Mr. Pranit Subba – 8918813923, Mr. Anup Subba – 9800552222 & Mr. Tabin Darnal- 8637380899.


Tilak Dewan
Ph.No: 9733015437
Pemba Tamang
Hony. Secretary
Ph.No: 9933806566