Darjeeling Gymkhana Club Ltd​.

A Heritage Club in Darjeeling​

Club’s Annual Sports activities 2023

Dear Member,

As part of our Club’s Annual Sports activities, the Club will be conducting the following tournaments as decided in the Governing Body Meeting.

You are, therefore requested to register your entries along with the entry fee direct with the Club office by 30/06/2023 at 5 p.m. positively or with the respective Co-ordinators.

Name of the TournamentEntry FeeRemarks
 Mens Singles₹ 300/-Members only
 Mens Doubles₹ 300/- + ₹300/- 
 Men’s Singles₹ 300/-Members only
 Men’s Doubles₹ 300/- + ₹300/- 
 Veteran’s Doubles (40+)₹ 300/- + ₹300/- 
 Veteran’s Doubles (50+)₹ 300/- + ₹300/- 
 Veteran’s Doubles (55+)₹ 300/- + ₹300/- 
 Men’s₹ 300/-Members only
Table Tennis:
 Men’s Singles₹ 300/- 
 Men’s Doubles₹ 300/- + ₹300/- 
 Ladies Singles₹ 300/- 
Billiards & Snooker:
 Singles₹ 300/- per personMembers immediate Dependent viz., Son aged 15 yrs & above.  
  ₹ 300/- per pair-open-

The concerned Markers shall register the name/s of interested member/s for enrolment in the above tournaments.

Soliciting a minimum of 10 entries for the above games exclusively for members and their registered dependent members.

Shuttle Cock & Tennis Ball costs shall be charged as per matches played by members on a share basis.

The fixture will be drawn on 7th July 2023.

All the tournaments should be concluded by 7th August 2023.

For details contact:Mr. Pema Sherpa, Sports-Co-ordinator – 9932298234  
For Table Tennis,Mr. P.T. Gailly-9800869590 & Mr. Dipak Pradhan – 9832673917  
For Snooker & BilliardMr. P.T. Gailly-9800869590, Mr. Benoy Dewan-9733036027, Mr. Manish Krishna Agarwal -9932298234  
For Badminton  Mr. Samir Singhal-9832061545  
For Squash  Mr. Bimal Jhawar -9832673917  
For further information please contactMr. M.K. Brahmin, Asst. Secretary, 9434151107  

Date: 10/06/2023

Yours faithfully,

Pintoo Agarwal,

Hony. Secretary